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Hon. Zainab Timbo donates to the Muslim communities observing Laylatul Qadr

Honorable Zainab Timbo, also known as Jajah The Tigress, Member of Parliament representing the Western Rural District of Sierra Leone, donated food items worth NLe 80,000 to Muslims during the Laylatul Qadr celebration. The donation, which included 120 bags of rice and 200 bundles of water, was distributed among 60 Masjids and police stations in her district.

Hon. Jajah emphasized the need for religious communities to pray for unity, security, and a Kush-free society. She urged members of their congregations to be law-abiding citizens and to refrain from using the potent Kush drug intake. Hon. Jajah emphasized that peace and national cohesion are essential for the development of a nation. She thanked the Muslims for their fasting and supplications and prayed that Allah accepts their prayers.

Hon. Jajah explained that the donation came from the money she makes from her businesses outside Parliament and expressed her gratitude to the people of her district for their support and collaboration towards the peace and development of the district.

Hon. Jajah also donated bags of rice to police personnel at the Funkia Police Post, Goderich Division, the Adonkia Police Station, and other police posts. She thanked the police personnel for their effort in ensuring the safety and security of residents in her district.

At the Masjids where the donations were made, representatives of former constituency 109, 110, and Wards 390 and 388, introduced by the APC party Constituency Chairman, Abu Kanu, expressed their appreciation for the donations. The Constituency Chairlady, Marie Dauda Kamara, prayed that Allah answers the fasting and applications of the people. She thanked Hon. Jajah for her donation, stating that it shows that they have not forgotten about the fasting and prayers of the people.

In conclusion, Hon. Jajah's donation and message of unity, security, and a Kush-free society are essential for the development of Sierra Leone. Her philanthropy and collaboration towards the peace and development of her district are commendable. We hope that her message will resonate with the people and lead to positive change in the country.r.


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