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Jakey Jake: Hypothesizing a dying day

The artist known as Jakey Jake has recently released a song titled "24 Hours," which explores a hypothetical scenario in which he is given a deadline for his death. The song, released under the label God Star Entertainment (GSE), is one of several singles that the label has released in recent months.

In the song, Jakey Jake imagines a series of activities that he would carry out on the final day of his life. These activities include fulfilling promises made to his girlfriend, spending time with friends, visiting a church, and recording music in a studio. The lyrics reveal his love for his family and his passion for music.

The song's message is a poignant one, inviting listeners to consider what they would do with their final hours if they were given a deadline for their death. The song also highlights the importance of family, friends, and faith in the face of mortality. Overall, "24 Hours" is a thought-provoking and introspective work that speaks to the human experience of mortality and the value of making the most of the time we have. 


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