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ACC hands over Chairman of Motherland City project to Sierra Leone Police

The Anti-Corruption Commission has announced the completion of investigations into the Chairman of the Motherland City Project Edward Alex Olubode Phillips on criminal allegations of fraud. This information was made public on 30th May 2023 and outlines their investigative process.

The release states that based on a joint investigation with the Financial Intelligence Unit, they were able to unearth that the company Ebenezer the Almighty Prosper, known as EAp Group of companies was incorporated by the Chairman with two other shareholders, with Mr. Alex retaining major shares.

The Group was spearheading a project for a modernized self-sufficient city for luxurious living, to be situated at York, which is turning out to be a sham.

The commission furthered that several accounts were discovered tied to the company with unfavorable financial standing, after obtaining monies from several potential homeowners, with potential money laundering activities.

They furthered that company asset was discovered to be a seventy acres of land situated at York Village and a capital discovered in six bank accounts amounting to almost fourteen thousand Leones.

ACC informs that based on these particulars and more outlined therein, they have handed over Mr. Phillips to the Sierra Leone police who may hand over Mr. Phillips to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for an existing sentence in Nigeria.


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