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Andy Bam elected as Sierra Leone Tennis Association's President

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Andy Bam was on Saturday, August 26, 2023, elected as the new President of the Sierra Leone Tennis Association (SLTA), receiving thirty votes endorsing his Presidency, with his main challenger, Abubakarr Jajua of Rutile Tennis, withdrawing from the race.

Bam is a former tennis player with a wealth of experience in tennis administration, having held several positions in Tennis, including Vice President of the Murray Town Tennis Club.

In his victory speech, Bam promised to unite the tennis family and to promote the development of the sport in Sierra Leone. He also said that he would work to improve the infrastructure at the SLTA tennis facilities.

The SLTA is currently facing a number of challenges, including a lack of funding and a shortage of qualified coaches. Bam's election is seen as a positive development for tennis in Sierra Leone, as he is well-qualified to address these challenges.

Bam called on the tennis community in Sierra Leone to support his new administration, promising to make tennis a more popular and successful sport in the country.


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