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Former Parliamentary Deputy Whip Honourable Alusine Kanneh Appointed as Chief Immigration Officer

President Bio has appointed Honourable Alusine Kanneh as the new Chief Immigration Officer at a crucial time when immigration management is essential for security and socio-economic development, more than ever before.

At a time when Sierra Leone’s passport has been quoted to have been used by foreigners in the conduct of varying crimes, this move can be seen as aiming at bolstering, restructuring and improving the security of the immigration sector.

Like many of the other recent appointments, this was surprising as the Hon. Kanneh had been discounted by some, after he was denied the party’s symbol (SLPP) for candidate representation for his constituency in the House of Parliament . Given also that the recently displaced Immigration Officer, Chief Ansu Jaiah Kaikai was a grassroot beloved, a staunch Paopa and had been hushedly mentioned as a Presidential prospect, this decision had left many slacked-jawed.

However, some insiders have revealed that the removal of his name from the list of candidates for members of Parliament had hinted at a possible Presidential appointment after elections.

The former Deputy Whip in the house of Parliament brings on his experience of law making and review. In relation to immigration matters, Hon. Kanneh had been known to speak on the need for protecting citizens against illegal migration and from exploitation by some foreigners who may be residing whilst working or conducting business illegally without the prerequisite traveling and residence permits.


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