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APC MPs take oath of office, fulfilling another clause of their peace accord with Government

Members of the main opposition party in Sierra Leone, the All People’s Congress Party (APC), took the oath of office on November 7, 2023, fulfilling a clause in their peace accord with the government.

In a speech to the new members, Speaker Hon. Abass Budu welcomed them to the House and praised Hon. Mohamed Bnagura for his courage in assuming his duties despite facing backlash from his party. Budu also noted that the APC members' attendance at the swearing-in ceremony conformed to the multiparty laws of Sierra Leone, as set out by the country's constitution.

Prior to the swearing-in, the APC announced its leadership group for the 6th Parliament of the 2nd Republic of Sierra Leone. The decision, which was made after a long dialogue with the government, is aimed at consolidating the party's position and advancing its goals.

The newly constituted leadership group comprises the following Members of Parliament:

  • Hon. Abdul Kargbo - Opposition Leader

  • Hon. Daniel B. Koroma - Deputy Opposition Leader 1

  • Hon. Aaron Aruna Koroma - Deputy Opposition Leader 2

  • Hon. Abdul Karim Kamara - Opposition Whip

  • Hon. Catherine Zainab Tarawally - Deputy Opposition Whip 1

  • Hon. Kemokoh Conteh - Deputy Opposition Whip 2

  • Hon. Unpha Sorie G. Koroma - Opposition Spokesperson

  • Hon. Alpha Ben Mansaray - Opposition Deputy Spokesperson

This carefully selected group represents a diverse range of talents and expertise, ensuring that the party's views and concerns will be effectively articulated within the parliamentary arena. Their collective experience and knowledge are expected to bolster the party's efforts in championing their agenda and upholding democratic principles.

The Opposition Caucus expressed gratitude for the understanding and support they have received thus far. They emphasized their commitment to serving the citizens of Sierra Leone diligently, holding the government accountable, and advocating for policies that address the needs and aspirations of the people.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, the formation of this leadership group is anticipated to bring about a robust and dynamic parliamentary opposition. Sierra Leoneans will undoubtedly watch closely as these elected representatives navigate the chambers of power, contributing to the democratic discourse and shaping the nation's future.


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