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Basketball: Freetown Lakers Basketball Academy Turns Attention to Women's Basketball

Basketball, mainly regarded as a male-dominated sport in Sierra Leone, is experiencing monumental changes and the Freetown Lakers Basketball Academy is a big part of that change.

The Academy has been a driving force in the growth of women's basketball in the country, and has organized a competition, between mothers and daughters, played together on the Sierra Panthers team.

The Academy's founder, Patrick Sundufu , announced his commitment to providing opportunities for women to play basketball competitively and lucratively.

"We believe that women's basketball is just as important as men's basketball. We want to give women the chance to showcase their skills and to achieve their dreams."

This notion seems to have been rewarded with success.

The Sierra Panthers team won the recent competition, and several of the team's players are now gracing externally competed games, big time.

The academy's work is helping to break down gender stereotypes and to create more opportunities for both genders within and out of Sierra Leone.


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