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Housemate Augusta Youngai shoots darts at friend Lolo Simeon and then love interest Karafilo

When it comes to drama, break ups and frenemies, housemate Salone season three is the show that keeps on giving.

On Thursday 15th June, housemate Augusta Youngai of team empowerment and team first lady is shooting darts at her in house friend Lolo Simeon and her then boyfriend Francis Conteh known as Karafilo for statements made during a live interview, in which they both commented on her being a part of strategies to win the reality show. Augusta started off by labeling the whole interview as a session of “spilling rubbish”

According to Augusta, Lolo’s statement describing their friendship as a means of demonstrating her capability to be a good friend and Francis’ of his using her to show his skill as a lover boy, are testaments to their being users, playing with other’s feelings.

The now Vlogger/Podcaster Augusta was best pals with Model Lolo Simeon in the house and many had commended their friendship built on seeming intelligence and maturity until the two had fallen out for unknown reasons. In a recent tell all by both, they had attributed it to interferences by other housemates, seeking to sow bad seeds between them.

Augusta and Karafilo had had a blooming romance leaving both team camps swooning in support and forming the nickname “team brown sugar” after Karafilo had threatened to leave the show when Augusta refused to speak to him, whilst carrying out a house prank set by Chief(a voice controlling the daily activities of the house and inhabitants). His commitment to forfeit the prize money and title had led many to believe that theirs was true love.

The relationship had fizzled out shortly after the end of the show.

Augusta now reminds her once inner circle in the house that it was her choice to be friends with Lolo and lover to Francis and her decision shouldn’t be misconstrued as her being used as a tool by them.

She encouraged all to move on from the show which concluded exactly a year ago(17th July 2022) and look on to other paths beyond degrading each other.

Watch an excerpt of the interview here:


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