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United States Embassy in Sierra Leone immortalizes Cotton tree

The US Embassy in Sierra Leone has installed a canvas of the iconic and recently partly fallen Cotton tree of Freetown, in their halls. The Ambassador David Reimer disclosed and unveiled the piece on Wednesday 7th June 2023.

The Cotton tree had stood majestically for allegedly over five hundred years, even before the return of freed slaves to the Capital of Sierra Leone, to become a landmark for tourist and citizens alike.

The tree had served as a source of direction, demarcation, hope, jokes, fond memories and beautification.

A major part of the Cotton tree had fallen during a heavy rainstorm on 24 May 2023, with only the lower part of its ginormous trunk still standing.

The country had come to a halt as heart torn citizens shared memories and their ties to the tree and made visits to the spot of joy and now gloom.

Speaking, Amb. Reimer mourned the fallen tree that had stood for centuries, connecting the people of Sierra Leone and the African Americans hailing from especially South Carolina and Georgia State, the Gullah's.

The painting was obtained from Sahr Songu Briwa, of the Bondumani Art school. A renowned painter who established his own school and is now training thousands in bringing thoughts on canvas.


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