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Sierra Leone takes a seat at the UN Security Council after five decades

Sierra Leone yesterday 5th June 2023, was elected as a Non-Permanent member of the United Nation's Security Council, an authority which allows member countries to be one of those deciding on the agenda of the council.

Sierra Leone becomes one of five countries elected to be there for a two year period, along with nine other non-permanent member countries and five permanent members, making the council a full fifteen nations one.

Speaking to press man at the UN, Dr. David Francis described the day as a proud one for Sierra Leoneans who have shown the country as one transformed from war into a potential prospering one, with its opportunities just starting to be harnessed.

He furthered that the country's election will bring the two significant attributes of resilience and hope to the the council for other countries with similar histories, to believe that transformation and growth is possible. Watch the full interview below:

He thanked his Excellency President Julius Maada Bio for making, maintaining and seeing the bid process through, which took a lot of rallying for support from ECOWAS, the AU and other European countries. He also thanked the one hundred and eighty eight member states that voted on behalf of Sierra Leone.

President Julius Maada Bio has tweeted that based on thematic principles of Partnership, Multilateralism and Representative Approach to Sustained Global Peace and Security, the country was able to secure the non-permanent seat with overwhelming support and backing of the African Union, as one of two countries.

President Bio says as a nation not unencumbered by traumas of its past history, living on as a peaceful nation, this will continue to ensure an inclusive and sustainable future.


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