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Court Chairman in Kailahun jailed for sexual Penetration of a 14-year-old

Fifty Years old Kailahun Court Chairman Jusu Lahai has been convicted and sentenced to fourteen years in prison for sexually penetrating a fourteen year old girl.

State Counsel Daniel Mansaray of the High Court in Kailahun prosecuted the matter.

The verdict was delivered by Justice Francis Banks-Kamara of the High Court in Kailahun for Sexual penetration with a child below Eighteen years in accordance with Sec.4(a)(iii) of the Sexual offenses (Amendment) Act No.8 of 2019.

The particulars of the offense stated that Jusu Lahai on November 19, 2022 at Joporwahun Village, Pejeh Bongrey Chiefdom, Kailahun, did engage in an act of Sexual penetration with a child below 18 years.

According to the accused, he had returned home and while resting at home, the child entered the room and requested money from him which had prompted his actions to engage in a sexual act with her. He pleaded guilty and begged for mercy.

Defence Counsel, Samuel Pessima Esq. of Legal Aid Board in Kailahun District, asked for mercy and a lenient sentence given that he is a first-time offender and didn't waste the time of the Court.

Justice Banks-Kamara tempered justice with mercy based on the stature of the child but pushed that as a Local Court Chairman at Joporwahun Village, Pejeh Bongrey Chiefdom Chiefdom, Kailahun District the accused has betrayed the trust of the State.


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