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Mohamed Gento Kamara says no to planned Mayoral aspirants debate

Aspiring Mayor for the Municipality of Freetown Mohamed Gento Kamara has issued a press release to say he will not be participating in the planned Mayoral debate organized by Sierraeye and Institute for Legal Research and Advocacy for Justice(ILRAJ) Sierra Leone.

According to the release issued on 25th May 2023, Mr. Kamara refuses to participate in a pre-cooked sham.

The release hinted at having no prior confirmation with the organizers relating to his schedule and important details that may reassure his team of an impartial, well intentioned debate.

One of the organizers, SierraEye has however released a statement debunking the insinuations and releasing details of correspondences between them and a representative of Mr. Kamara's party.

The organizers furthered that the option of participating in the Mayoral debate is still open to Mr. Kamara.


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