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Bi-partisan Private Member's Motion on Failed Coup Carried in Parliament

The Leaders of Government Business Hon. Mathew S. Nyuma and the opposition's Hon. Abdul Kargbo, in a bipartisan Private Member's motion, agreed for the Sierra Leone Parliament to institute an investigation into the November, 26th , 2023 attempted coup.

On Tuesday, 28 November, 2023 both leaders condemned the breach of security and prayed for all loyal forces who lost their lives while defending the State against aggression on Sunday, 26/11/2023 in Freetown.

Earlier, the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament, Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu requested Members of Parliament to conduct prayers in honor of those who in the line of duty to the State lost their lives, during which the Honorable House extended their best wishes to the wounded to gain speedy recovery.

Following the prayers, the Majority Leader who also doubles as the Leader of the Government Business, Hon. Mathew Sahr Nyuma strongly condemned the act of violence perpetrated by the assailants and cited Chapter 2 of Section 5 (2) b of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone which predicated on the Fundamental Principles of State Policy, maintenance of peace, security, and welfare of the people, in tandem with the duties of the security forces.

While condemning the act of violence, the Leader vehemently supported the Government to institute an immediate and thorough investigation into the imbroglio. The MP used the opportunity to assure the Government of Parliament's commitment to promoting the legislation of any laws that would enhance the prosecution of the conspirators.

The Leader also registered his disappointment against political leaders who have failed to condemn the unprecedented act and to promote national cohesion.

"We have moved from opposition to governance and from Governance to opposition on either side" he reiterated.

The Leader also stated on a cautionary note that it was high time Members of Parliament support the Government in carrying through any legislation for review to trial all those who were involved in the brutal invasion. He urged the House to follow the spirit of the Constitution and democracy to support the Government.

"We are elected, and it is because of democracy that we are here" he stated and went on to say that "if we fail this Nation as Members of Parliament without doing the right thing, we have failed ourselves as a Parliament".

Responding, the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Hon. Abdul Kargbo informed the House that he had earlier tweeted to condemn the unrest. The Opposition Leader categorically stated that the incident was very undemocratic and expressed that their party believes the only way they could come to power is through democracy.

"Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members, we want to join the Government to ensure that the investigation is carried out. We as the Opposition have wholeheartedly condemned the actions and urged the Government to speedily investigate and bring to book all those who are responsible for the actions" he concluded.

Having graciously listened to both Leaders, the Speaker encouraged the House to buttress their statements with a motion to enhance their legislative commitment to promote the Government to institute a thorough investigation into the unwarranted actions.

A Private Member Motion brought by the Leader of Government on the matter, seconded by the Leader of the Opposition was carried.


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