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Caritas Freetown partners with Monkey Bush Community to organize a Peace Football Match

Caritas Freetown, in its ongoing efforts to foster peace and unity among the young generation in both Western Area Urban and Western Rural Area, concluded a one-day Peace Football Match at the Monkey Bush field on Sunday, September 23, 2023, with the theme "Youth in Politics and Peacebuilding."

The Project Coordinator, Eliza Glena Sillah, stated that the match was organized to raise awareness about the importance of peace and its positive impact on communities. By utilizing the universal language of football, they were able to convey powerful messages of peace and unity to the general public.

One of the players on the team shared his knowledge about peace and what he does to promote peace and national cohesion.

The match was concluded with a brief performance by Leonus d Genius, with the players from both teams.

It is the sincere hope of Caritas Freetown to continue to engage young people in various communities.


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