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Celebrity Zainab Sheriff's political tirade

Celebrity Zainab Sheriff has in a recent live video on Facebook, criticized the government and governance system of President Julius Maada Bio.

She criticized and accused the President's political party, the Sierra Leone People’s party(SLPP) of tribalism, lack of consideration for citizens, and the high proliferation of harmful drugs in the country.

She went on to state that she is still sitting on the fence as to whether she will vote on June 24th general elections, for lack of a situable Presidential candidate. In her words “the APC is not even an option because they don’t have a message and lack leadership.”

She furthered that the APC is in disarray and their only aim is to come to power to steal.

Zainab Sheriff labeled the 2018 Presidential flag bearer of the National Grand Coalition (NGC) Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkellah as a traitor and a betrayer of the Sierra Leonean people, for either giving up or staying silent. She noted that Dr. Kandeh could have been a strong force of opposition this election even if he didn't win.

She concluded by blaming herself and others like her who hadn't recognized the message and agenda of Dr. Yumkellah on his first appearance on the political scene.

While some have criticized her comments as being below the belt, others have applauded her for speaking truth to power. Sheriff's comments have sparked a lively debate on social media, with many people expressing their opinions on the state of governance in Sierra Leone.

The SLPP has lambasted her video as hypocritical and shortsighted for disregarding the enormous work done by the current government of His Excellency President Bio.

The APC says she is uninformed and the live was all about garnering attention.

The NGC party questioned her dedication to the truth given her own acknowledgement of faults in disregarding Dr. Yumkellah's message which contributed to his disenchantment of Sierra Leonean politics.


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