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Central University holds Third Congregation Ceremony

Central University recently culminated its third congregation ceremony during the weekend, signifying the bestowal of degrees, awards of diplomas, and certificates.

The Chancellor of Central University, Muckson Sesay, expressed his admiration for the graduates' tenacity in surmounting the challenges they encountered in their academic pursuit. He underscored the critical role of education in transmitting knowledge, cultural heritage, and essential capabilities for societal development, emphasizing the University's dedication to equipping learners with both abstract and practical expertise.

In attendance, Dr. Ramatulai Wurie, the Minister of Technical and Higher Education, acknowledged the occasion as a significant milestone for the graduating students, commending their commitment and diligence. Dr. Wurie exhorted the graduates to seize the opportunities that lie ahead as they embark on a new chapter in their lives, urging them to make meaningful contributions to nation-building endeavors.

Addressing the audience as the keynote speaker, Dr. Sanpha Koroma lauded Central University's influence in the region, comparing its esteemed standing to renowned universities globally. He underscored the significance of preparing students for the demands of the workforce, highlighting the role of education in shaping future generations for success.

Among the distinguished individuals recognized during the ceremony was Mustapha Bayoh, the top graduate from the Mass Communications department. Bayoh expressed his immense joy and gratitude for his accomplishments, attributing his success to diligent efforts and unwavering determination.


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