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Sierra Leone is grappling with a learning crisis, says IGR’s State of Education Report for Sierra Leone 2023

Sierra Leone is dealing with a crisis in the education system, a statement made as fact by the State of Education Report for Sierra Leone 2023, issued by the Institute of Governance Reform (IGR).

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Institute of Governance Reform (IGR) recently unveiled the 2023 report on education in Sierra Leone. The report sheds light on the many difficulties the country's educational system faces and offers solutions for improving it.

Andrew Lavali, the executive director of IGR, provided a presentation explaining that the report incorporated feedback from citizens and numerous schools throughout the nation, giving a comprehensive view of the state of education in Sierra Leone.

Conrad Sackey, minister of basic and senior secondary education, showed a strong dedication to resolving the issues highlighted in the report by endorsing the findings and signing the document. Minister Sackey expressed his gratitude for the report and how it will help the ministry identify areas for improvement and acknowledge areas of excellence.

Manuel Alexander Muller, the European Union ambassador to Sierra Leone, clarified why the European Union has continued to offer support for this effort, emphasizing the need for cooperation in raising the quality of education in the nation.

A 2022 UNICEF report highlighted the urgency of the situation, showing that Sierra Leone is dealing with a crisis in education, as only eight percent of third-grade children can read a simple text.

The absence of essential reading and mathematics skills is a substantial obstacle to children's growth and potential for future education.


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