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NUSS engages University Administrators on Concerns of the ongoing strike, graduation & imposed charges

The Executive Committee of the National Union of Sierra Leone Students (NUSS), led by President Mohamed Rex Bohnapha, has met with the newly appointed Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Sierra Leone, Professor Aiah Lebbie, and their respective teams to address pressing issues and concerns raised by students across various tertiary institutions within the country.

The meeting focused on the ongoing Industrial Strike of the lecturers, graduation, exam schedule and extra charges placed as addendum to fees. 

President Bonapha voiced the apprehensions of students regarding the ongoing industrial strike initiated by the Union of Academic Staff Association (UASA), which has resulted in the suspension of lectures in public institutions since the preceding week. He emphasized that students should not be adversely affected by disputes between the government and UASA, as such disruptions hinder their academic progress. President Bonapha demanded a resolution within the week, failing which, a national students' press conference and demonstration would be organized.

The union raised concerns pertaining to the graduation of students at the University of Sierra Leone (USL). Assurances were provided that the university court would be constituted shortly, and the graduation ceremony would take place in April. Furthermore, medical students were informed that their swearing-in ceremony would precede graduation. The union also advocated against any increment in graduation fees for the current year, urging students with financial commitments to make necessary arrangements prior to the graduation date.

The union addressed concerns related to additional charges imposed on students. It was communicated to the USL leadership that if the administration fails to provide the facilities and services that students pay for, such charges should be eliminated. The union warned that a national demonstration would be organized if students continue to pay for services that are not being provided.

In light of the industrial strike, the union requested a one-week interval between the end of the strike and the commencement of exams to allow students adequate time for preparation.

The Vice Chancellor responded that they will place these concerns under advisement.

The National Union of Sierra Leone Students expressed their belief that Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal Professor Aiah Lebbie and his team would address the pressing concerns raised in a just and equitable manner, ensuring the well-being and academic progress of students.


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