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De Bills makes a strange request of his mentor Kao Denero

Ibrahim Sawaneh, also known as De Bills, has recently taken to social media to make a formal request to his mentor, Kao Denero, rapper and entertainment ambassador. De Bills has requested the removal of his verse from an upcoming collaboration track with Kao Denero.

The exact reason behind De Bills' decision to make this request remains unclear, but it appears to be related to the recent reconciliation between Kao Denero and his former rival, rapper Laj. Red Flag Movement and Black Leo Entertainment, the respective groups represented by Kao Denero and Laj, had been at odds with each other until recent efforts to reunite, following Laj's incarceration and subsequent appointment as an ambassador of peace.

De Bills has expressed his hope that his request will not be misinterpreted, but he has also expressed disappointment at the negative reactions he has received from some supporters, who have criticized him for publicly voicing his request rather than doing so privately. De Bills maintains that making the request publicly was necessary to uphold his freedom of speech.


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