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Coach Adama Suma's Leadership Propels Mogbwemo Queens to the Summit of Sierra Leone Women's Premier League

Adama Suma, the esteemed Head Coach of the Mogbwemo Queens, has left an indelible mark on the team's performance this season, triumphantly guiding them to the apex of the league standings with an immaculate record.

Renowned for her attacking style of play, characterized by precise passing and a robust defensive structure, Coach Adama has meticulously crafted a formidable squad with an indomitable winning spirit.

This is exemplified by their awe-inspiring record, having emerged victorious in all seven matches played thus far, accompanied by a remarkable tally of 26 goals scored and a mere 1 conceded.

Through her exceptional expertise and visionary leadership, Coach Adama has solidified her position as one of the preeminent female football coaches within the league.

Her unwavering dedication and tactical acumen have proven instrumental in the Mogbwemo Queens' unparalleled success, establishing them as a formidable force to be reckoned with.

As the season unfolds, the spotlight will be firmly fixed on Coach Adama and her Mogbwemo Queens, as they endeavor to maintain their unblemished streak and secure a consecutive championship title.

Their impressive displays serve as a testament to Coach Adama's exceptional coaching abilities and the team's boundless potential.


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