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Commissioner Ahmed Atata Mansaray discourages handouts to discourage dependence among young people

Newly confirmed Commissioner National Youth Commission (NYC) Ahmed Atata Mansaray Esq., has said that his appointment will effectively change the dependent-image of some young people in the country. He made this statement when receiving the comments and concerns of Lawmakers on the occasion of the confirmation of his appointment for the new job, by the Sixth Parliament of the Second Republic of Sierra Leone, at its Fourteenth plenary sitting held on Tuesday 13th October, 2023

"One thing that is very important is that I am a new Commissioner but not a new man in the Sector. I am from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and now, I am at the Youth Commission." he remarked.

He assured that his tenure will usher a fostered collaboration between the Ministry of Youth Affairs and the NYC ensuring that synergy and decorum is maintained in the Sector.

On his plans to tackle the drug abuse problem at the moment, Lawyer Mansaray said that: "The Commission will continue to raise awareness on the cost and effect of drug abuse."

Having witnessed the legal and harmful effects of the drug problem first hand as a lawyer, Mansaray asked,

"but again, why do we always have to use punitive measures to curb an issue of such nature. Even though the act (drug abuse) itself is bad, why do we have to punish a victim for just a parcel of kush. But what we should do in all of this is to bring the principal Sources who sell to the boys, that is my approach . We will ensure that at the end of the day, we do anything humanly possible to raise the awareness and to bring to book the wholesale drug dealers not just to go to ghettos to effect arrests."

Mansaray remarked that young people are integral in the realization of President Julius Maada Bio's big five manifesto promises, chiefly amongst which is the alleviation of hunger in the country.

Lawyer Mansaray said in order to discourage the culture of dependence among some young people is to discourage the giving of handouts.

"We need to support our youth by giving them skills. To all the ghetto boys, as your new Youth Commissioner, I am here to rebrand your image."


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