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Youths at Wassaya Community Organize Peace Football Match between Kamalo and Tolongbo Ataya Base

The Wassaya Community in Lungi, Sierra Leone, hosted a Peace Football Match between Kamalo and Tolongo Ataya Base on October 15, 2023. The match was organized by Abioseh Dixon to promote peace and unity in the community.

The match was a thrilling encounter, with Tolongo Community emerging victorious by a score of 2-0. However, the outcome of the match was secondary to its main purpose of bringing the two communities together.

After the match, Dixon spoke about the importance of peace and unity in the community. He said that the Peace Football Match was a way to show that the two communities can come together and work together, even if they are different in some ways.

Fans of both teams celebrated the match and the spirit of peace and unity that it represented. They expressed hope that the match would be the beginning of a new era of cooperation and understanding between the two communities.

In addition to its primary goal of promoting peace and unity, the Peace Football Match also coincided with Abioseh Dixon's birthday. Dixon said that he was elated to mark his special day with an event that brought the community together.

Overall, the Peace Football Match was a success. It was a fun and exciting event that also served an important purpose. The match showed that the Wassaya Community is committed to peace and unity, and that its members are willing to work together to achieve these goals.


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