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Diamond Centre College Produces Rough Diamond Evaluators as third batch of graduands

Diamond Centre College celebrated its third graduation ceremony since their start of operations in Sierra Leone, marking an epoch moment of two students who completed the college's rigorous program in rough diamond evaluation.

During the ceremony, David Chris Nze, the founder and proprietor of Diamond Centre College, highlighted the institution's mission to revolutionize the diamond industry and bring about positive change. Nze emphasized the college's commitment to adding value to minerals, particularly diamonds. He further emphasized that the college welcomes individuals interested in pursuing diamond-related courses, including Rough Diamond Evaluation, Polishing, Sourcing, and Grading, among others.

Nze proudly announced that the two graduating students, who have become certified rough diamond evaluators, are now eligible to work in prominent diamond mining companies worldwide. This achievement opens up numerous opportunities for them in the global diamond industry.

Morlai Mansaray, the Deputy Assessment and Quality Assurance Officer at the National Council for Technical and other Academic Awards (NCTVA), commended Diamond Centre College Sierra Leone for meeting the necessary requirements and delivering quality education in the field of diamond evaluation. Mansaray's statement acknowledged the college's commitment to maintaining high standards and producing competent professionals in the diamond industry.

The graduation ceremony at Diamond Centre College signifies a significant milestone in the institution's journey to transform the diamond sector in Sierra Leone. With its comprehensive curriculum and dedication to excellence, the college continues to inspire and equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the dynamic world of diamonds.

Diamond Centre College is situated at Percival Street in Freetown. It has conducted three certification ceremonies since it was accredited by the National Council for Technical and other Academic Awards (NCTVA).

The College offers a wide range of Diamond related courses that are demand driven in today’s society.


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