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Discipline & lack of it is the challenge of current footballers, says former Footballer Pobosky

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Footballer Mohamed Bangura known by many as Pobosky, during his recent visit to Sierra Leone, made a stop at the Secretariat of Sierra Leone Football Association Academy, to speak to the Othordox football club youngsters.

The former Leone Stars forward related messages of encouragement to the players, reminding them that other players like him have made it to international leagues.

He explained that the differential factor is cultivating discipline towards achieving goals and obedience to officials who have the potential to better their skills.

He emphasized that discipline or the lack thereof has been a key challenge hindering efforts to becoming a thriving team.

He recommitted himself to helping the next generation of Sierra Leonean Footballers, in any way possible.

According to the gaffer of Orthodox Serry Turay , who himself was a Former Leone Stars player , they have been able to instill some aspects of discipline and orderliness to get them up to speed with the right mentality and unanimously implement the instructions given by Mohamed Bangura every step of the way.


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