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Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma arrives in Nigeria, for a judicially approved medical sojourn

The former President of the Republic of Sierra Leone arrived in Nigeria today, under a court-sanctioned medical stay.

Having departed Sierra Leone earlier today, Dr. Koroma was duly received by His Excellency Dr. Omar Alieu Touray, President of the ECOWAS Commission. Dr. Touray had previously proposed and endeavored to broker a relocation agreement for the former President to Abuja, Nigeria.

Initially conjectured to have been rejected by the government, this decision was ultimately accepted in court, upon application by Dr. Koroma’s defense counsel, during the preliminary trial on charges of treason.

Widely considered a diplomatic endeavor to mitigate potential unrest stemming from the government’s acts of political persecution, this action has been lauded as an eminently sage measure by the ECOWAS.

President Bio delivered an official statement on 18th January 2024, in which the government clarified that the concession was made to demonstrate their commitment to justice and goodwill. This is especially important during a time when nationalistic principles and patriotism are distorted, and it shows that the ongoing trial was not initiated as a political witch-hunt.


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