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Dr. Hinga Sandy says attempted coup undermines predictable investment climate for investors

Executive Director of National Investment Board Dr. Edward Hinga Sandy says the attempted coup undermines the confidence of a predictable climate to thrive that investors are yearning for

He was speaking in an exclusive interview following the defense of his institution's expenditure of 2023, in front of members of parliament.

He explained that investors are cautious about investing in countries whose political and social situations may lead to incurred losses which recent occurrences suggested.

He suggested the enhancement of political dialoguing techniques, through the ascribed national cohesion institutions to combat any perceivable negative narratives that emerged from the incident.

He cautioned opposition elements of possible retributions during their time in governance, in the form of similar occurrence if care and consideration is not taken.

He continued that another significant concern surrounds irregularly changing taxes, whereas investors prefer a situation of projectable changes at different times. The resolving of this along with policy reforms, in collaboration with line ministries, departments, and agencies, he said will be one of the focuses of the board shortly.

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