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Entertainer Zainab Sheriff lock horns with Amb. Kao Denero Regarding His Performance in the Entertainment office

Sierra Leonean musician Zainab Sheriff employed a social media(Meta) platform to convey her dissatisfaction with the insufficient efforts exhibited by the Ambassador of the Entertainment Secretariat, Kao Denero, in fostering the growth and development of the entertainment sector in the country.

In a live Facebook video, Zainab Sheriff meticulously outlined the deficiencies observed in the promotion and recognition of local industries, particularly the music produced by Sierra Leonean artists.

She expressed her discontent with Kao Denero's perceived leniency in implementing policies and advocating for the consistent airplay of Sierra Leonean songs in hospitality establishments.

Zainab Sheriff emphasized that these measures, which do not entail significant financial burden, could be successfully implemented through collaboration between Kao Denero and the relevant ministries, with the support of the broader governmental framework.

Additionally, she advocated for the closure of establishments that blatantly disregard such policies, as a means of ensuring accountability and underscoring the importance of contributing positively to the country in which they operate.

Zainab Sheriff attributed a substantial portion of the blame to disc jockeys who exhibit a preference for foreign music during their work, perceiving this as a manifestation of the negative mindset that often prevails among Sierra Leoneans towards their own countrymen.

Despite her criticism, Zainab Sheriff commended fellow artists who have consistently dedicated themselves to improving the quality and standards of the music industry in Sierra Leone, including Kao Denero himself.

In response to Zainab Sheriff's remarks, Kao Denero took to social media within a few hours and published a video in which he attributed her outburst to the consumption of a specific Sierra Leonean sauce (Cassava Leaf) and suggested that she was attempting to revive her career through criticism directed at him.

He also accused her of deliberating disregarding his playlist idea which had been specifically directed at ensuring the promotion of popularizing Sierra Leonean songs.


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