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FC Kallon, creating access onto the International stage

Toptier team of the Sierra Leone Premier league, FC Kallon has made known their plans to create access for their players, onto the International stage.

Speaking to this medium, owner, Coach and football pioneer Mohamed Kallon revealed that this is a reward for a plan, initiated last year, to prepare players mentally, technically, strategically and physically for out of country engagements.

Kallon furthered that he is in possession of a five year agreement with the Torneo di Viareggio(Viareggio tournament) which commenced before CAF, to put players through special training and possibly incorporate them into teams within the league.

He revealed that already two players have gone on tryouts in Germany and are performing well, whilst the two latest,  Emmanuel Gono from liberia 🇱🇷 and Daniel Karim (Mahrez)From lungi SL🇸🇱 are currently on tryouts with one of the best teams in the Italian  Serie A.Udinese Calcio


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