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“Feed Salone” Possible with Right Machines & People, says Cynah Kamara of Kondibu Consortium

During an exclusive interview following a parliamentary oversight committee's engagement on agricultural issues, Cynah Kamara, Finance Officer of Kondibu Agriculture Engineering Consortium, presented her insights regarding the potential of the President's Feed Salone initiative. Ms. Kamara emphasized that the successful implementation of this initiative requires the acquisition of appropriate machinery and the engagement of skilled personnel.

Her remarks focused on outlining the potential of the Feed Salone initiative and the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Food Security (MAFFS) to ensure its achievement in the Kenema District. Kondibu Agriculture Engineering Consortium, which operates in the Kenema District, has been actively involved in projects under the Food System Resilience Program (FSRP) for the past two years, providing essential machinery services to its clients.

Ms. Kamara expressed her organization's readiness for the upcoming Inland Valley Swamps (IVS) work, highlighting the importance of proper maintenance and strategic preparation to avoid operational disruptions. Despite encountering challenges related to the wear and tear of machine parts, the organization possesses seven tractors and twenty-two power tillers in the district.

She assured that their proactive approach includes timely repair and replacement of parts, demonstrating their commitment to maintaining operational efficiency and effectively serving their customers. Emphasizing the significance of a robust maintenance culture, she affirmed their preparedness to support the government in achieving its goals by focusing on delivering exceptional service through proactive ordering of spare parts and engaging proficient personnel for machine maintenance.

Regarding the IVS project, Ms. Kamara mentioned her organization's target of engaging four hundred farmers, while acknowledging that the specific acreage of land to be cultivated falls within the purview of MAFFS. When questioned about the feasibility of achieving food self-sufficiency, Ms. Kamara expressed confidence in its attainability, underscoring the importance of appropriate machinery and proficient personnel.

She encouraged women farmers and skeptics, affirming that with the right machinery and skilled individuals, agriculture can be a lucrative endeavor. Ms. Kamara commended the Members of Parliament for their engagement and expressed her appreciation for the conducive environment that allowed her to confidently represent her company during the presentation.

Cynah Kamara's insights shed light on the critical role of efficient machinery, strategic preparedness, and skilled personnel in achieving agricultural prosperity and food security, offering valuable perspectives for stakeholders in the agricultural sector.


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