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First Lady Fatima Bio comments on elections

First Lady of the Republic Madam Fatima Bio has in a video, made her first verbal comments on the recently concluded Multitiered elections on June 24th, of which her husband President Bio, was declared winner for the Presidential elections.

Madam Bio remarked on the relatively peaceful elections, saying it disproves the notion that elections in Africa, tend to be chaotic affairs resembling all out war and prompting the need for international intervention to secure peace. According to her, Sierra Leone went through a tiring time and emerged as one nation.

She commended all participants of these elections, especially winners and expressed hope for the establishment of a collaborative working relationship.

To the losers, she reminded that given there can only be two outcomes in any election, that of losing or winning, she thank them for putting country forward, naming especially the Mayoral candidate of the Freetown Municipality, Mohamed Gento Kamara for conceding the elections. She assured him that his contribution to her party will not be easily forgotten.

The video was published on tiktok on Sunday afternoon.

Here’s a link to watch it:


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