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Former Mayor Aki-Sawyerr announces re-election bid

Updated: Mar 27

Former Mayor of Freetown Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr has announced her intention to run for her recently exited office of the Mayor of Freetown municipality. She made the announcement on international women’s day.

She is seeking re-election on a platform of transforming Freetown through education, infrastructural developments and healthier environment.

In her campaign video, a testimonial of her work in education reflects her providing support to children whose mothers trade in council markets, thereby allowing the children to be focused whilst learning, as opposed to previously staying away from schools to assist their parents in the markets.

Other testimonials pointed out her work in cleaning streets of Freetown, creating employment and structure for youths, resulting in clean streets within the municipality.

Her work on actively carrying out affirmative climate action, saw her planting or sponsoring the planting of thousands of trees in high risk areas across the city.

Opposition members have described the announcement on this day as a deliberate ploy to guilt other women into voting for her based on her gender and the need for solidarity, instead of her execution of policy promises made before and during her first term in office.

According to statements, her talk about transforming Freetown were more on paper and not reflective of the situation in the city which was left unclean and unattractive to residents and visitors alike.


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