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Harbor Police apprehend suspect in up-gun drug bust

During a targeted operation conducted by the Operations Team of the Harbour Police Division, Unisa Mansaray, a 31-year-old resident of 8 Alfred Street in Up Gun, Freetown's East End, also known as "Game," was apprehended on charges of unlawful possession. The raid uncovered two distinct brands of Kush on the premises.

Despite the narcotics being uncovered within his bedroom, Mr. Mansaray vehemently disavows any ownership of the contraband, stating that he is not the owner of these drugs.

Commenting on the matter, LUC Kpulun, a seasoned official at the helm of the Harbour Police Division, emphasized their commitment to targeting the importers, distributors, and sellers involved in trafficking illicit substances, notably Kush. He asserted that their primary objective is to combat the influx of illegal drugs and substance abuse within their jurisdiction. The Harbour Division, under his leadership, will spare no effort in eradicating this menace.

The authorities currently have both the suspect and the confiscated items in custody as investigations into the case continue.


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