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Appointment of Mohamed Bangura (Ahuwa) as Interim Coach of Ports Authority Football Club

The esteemed Ports Authority Football Club, affectionately known as the WaterFront Boys, has appointed Mohamed Bangura, also known as Ahuwa, as its interim head coach. This decision comes in the wake of the untimely passing of the former coach, Lamin Bangura, in a tragic road accident on March 26, 2024.

Mohamed Bangura, a respected figure and former captain of Ports Authority, assumes this role with the responsibility of leading the team through the remaining fixtures of the season. He will be tasked with guiding the WaterFront Boys in the upcoming matches of the Leone Rock Premier League's second round and the anticipated FA Cup semi-finals scheduled for April 19.

The appointment of Mohamed Bangura marks a transition from his esteemed role as fitness coach to the new chapter as interim coach. The club and its supporters place their hopes in Bangura's leadership and dedication as he endeavors to honor the legacy of his predecessor and shape the future of the team.

Wishing the best of success to Mohamed Bangura as he embraces this pivotal role and strives to achieve remarkable accomplishments for Ports Authority Football Club.


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