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Head Coach Tito Rahman Cole Resigns from Diamond Stars FC, citing breach of contract

Mr. Tito Rahman Cole, the Head Coach of Diamond Stars FC, has formally announced his resignation from his position, citing prevailing circumstances and a breach of contract by the club's management.

Having signed a two-year contract with Diamond Stars FC in 2022, Coach Cole alleges that the club failed to fulfill several key conditions of his agreement, including the provision of adequate accommodation, regular monthly salary payments, settlement of outstanding bonuses, offering adequate support for players and training equipment, and fostering team morale.

In his statement, Coach Cole expressed his discouragement with the actions of certain management members and the ongoing problems that have created an untenable work environment. Consequently, he has made the difficult decision to step down from his role.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Coach Cole expressed his gratitude to the club's management, players, and staff for the opportunity to contribute to their development. Furthermore, he urged the club to promptly settle all outstanding salaries, bonuses, and benefits owed to him.

In conclusion, Coach Cole extended his best wishes to Diamond Stars FC in their ongoing participation in the Leone Rock Premier League. The club has yet to officially comment on Coach Cole's resignation or the allegations he has raised.


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