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Hon. Alpha Kanu resigns from APC to help political and socio-economic development

Former Executive member of the All People’s Congress party, Honourable Alpha Kanu has reportedly tendered a letter terminating his membership of the APC party, today 28th April, 2023.

In the letter shared on social media platforms, his main reason for ending his membership was given as wanting to focus on helping Sierra Leone to move forward, agenda’s that now seem impossible to achieve within his known party, the APC.

He had also highlighted his gradual ousting from the party by actions of other executive members, such as the removal of his executive position without notice and his exclusion in management matters of the party.

He had also reportedly outlined his support to the APC party, spanning sixty years.

The news of his resignation was revealed online by Dr. Sylvia Blyden, on her official Facebook page.

The Secretary General of the APC party Lawyer Kalokoh however stated to this medium that he is yet to receive the aforementioned letter but that he will not disregard the news.


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