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Hon. Memunatu Jalloh to  Donate NLE 70.000 Worth of Ramadan Zakat  to 20 Masjids in Port Loko District

Updated: Mar 11

Honorable Memunatu Jalloh, the Member of Parliament for Port Loko District, and the All People's Congress (APC) party, is set to donate NLE 70,000 worth of Ramadan Zakat to 20 Masjids in the district. The donation will consist of twenty dozen mats, twenty dozen coolers, and a purse of NLE 5,000 each to the twenty Masjids. The donation is being made ahead of the commencement of the Holy month of Ramadan.

Hon. Jalloh, who is a new parliamentary member, believes that these items are not only a requirement for Muslims but also an economic necessity for many people who are financially struggling. She hopes that by donating these items, she can attract the divine blessings and favor of Allah in her life. 

Hon. Jalloh has accomplished much in less than a year in office. She has provided school learning items for the past NPSE girls in the whole of Massemira Chiefdom, Port Loko District, contributed to the building of a Police Station, offered scholarships to university students, provided food for work on road works, and more. She has been raising funds from her salary as a MP and a businesswoman but wishes to do more with the help of friends and partners. 

Hon. Jalloh is a former teacher, businesswoman, and politician who believes that the Islamic community in her district should live a decent life in the ways and commands of Allah for a better nation. She urges people of other faiths to continue to be religiously tolerant in a secular democracy and follow the commandments of the Almighty God for the upliftment of our nation.


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