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MoICE issues Clarification Regarding Proposed Security Fee at Freetown International Airport

The Honorable Minister of Information and Civic Education, Chernor Bah, during the regular weekly press conference, affirmed that the only fee travelers are required to pay in cash at the Freetown International Airport is the established $25 Security Fee. He reassured citizens that all revised charges are incorporated into the ticket price, and the government is actively working to promote competition within the aviation sector.

Furthermore, Minister Bah disclosed that in the forthcoming month of April, Ethiopia Airlines will commence operations in Sierra Leone, and negotiations are underway with another airline. This development is part of the government's efforts to enhance connectivity and provide more travel options for citizens and visitors.

In a related development, the Deputy Minister of Justice, Alpha Sesay, Esq., emphasized the significance of strengthening the justice system, aligning with President Bio's overarching policy objectives. He outlined the primary goals of the justice sector reforms, which include ensuring equitable access to quality justice, improving case management processes, investing in legal education, and reforming the correctional service to align with international standards.

Similarly, the Chief Immigration Officer, Hon. Alusine Kanneh, disclosed plans to establish immigration offices in the provincial cities of Kenema, Bo, and Makeni. This initiative aims to enhance regional accessibility to immigration services and streamline the passport application process. Additionally, in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Migration Information Data Analysis System (MIDAS) has been introduced to bolster immigration tracking and monitoring of travelers entering or exiting the country.

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