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Hon. Paran Tarawally suspended as Clerk of the HoP during ACC investigation

Hon. Umar Paran Tarawally has been set aside from the position of Clerk of Parliament of Sierra Leone during the investigation into corrupt actions and the issue of Conflict of Interest, currently being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission.

These issues had stemmed from the discovery of the employment of his wife in the House of Parliament during the redundancy process of over a hundred staff of the House, directed by the Parliamentary Service Commission.

Whilst this action was highly speculative given his influence as a long term member of the House and within his party, it was first hinted at by the Anti-Corruption Commissioner during their conference at "integrity House" on Wednesday.

However, this is the usual procedure during the conduct of investigation into public officials, seemingly culpable in a corrupt activity. This seeks to protect the integrity of the investigation and prevent undue influence in the twin investigation of the Public Service Commission and the Anti-Corruption Commission.

As at the time of publication, a source has confirmed that the Clerk's Deputy, Mohamed Lebbie will be assuming the role of acting Clerk of Parliament.


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