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Hon. Peter Koroma Drums Up Government Support for  Sunbird Company

The Honorable Peter Yamba Koroma, a representative of the All People's Congress (APC) party in the Bombali District, expressed his belief during an exclusive interview that, with the support of the Government of Sierra Leone, Sunbird Bio-energy Sierra Leone Limited, formerly known as Addax Bio-energy Company, has the potential to create a substantial number of employment opportunities, thus contributing to the government's pledge to generate five hundred thousand jobs.

Hon. Koroma emphasized that the company has been making diligent efforts to meet the needs of his constituents through the production of bio-energy and agricultural products. He highlighted the importance of the Sierra Leone government complementing the company's operations and initiatives by providing concessions.

The discussion took place during an oversight visit by members of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Forestry, and Food Security (MAFFS) on June 16th, 2024. The purpose of the visit was to assess the implementation of the government's Feed Salone initiative in the North and Northwest regions. The meeting was convened at the company's project site, which includes a factory and estate in the Mabilafu Mara Chiefdom, Bombali District, in the Northern Region of Sierra Leone.

After listening to a PowerPoint presentation by Chief Operating Officer Waruna Madushan and his team, which provided an overview of the company's project, its successes, challenges, and major assumptions, Hon. Yamba expressed his endorsement of the company's request for concessions from the government.

Hon. Yamba recounted how the company arrived in his district and presented a multitude of opportunities, including the creation of 5,100 jobs, which generated excitement among the local population. While the company experienced a promising start, it encountered a series of challenges along the way. Despite these setbacks, the company demonstrated resilience, overcame the obstacles, and achieved profitability, benefiting both the government and the community. The company also underwent management changes due to the challenges it faced, but the new management exhibited a strong commitment to overcoming these challenges and ensuring positive outcomes.

Based on the opportunities provided by the company and in alignment with the aspirations of the government, Hon. Yamba advocated for the government to provide assistance and alleviate the challenges impeding the company's ability to fully contribute to the country's development.

“The Company faced challenges but overcame them, becoming profitable. I advocate for government assistance due to the opportunities provided and the company's readiness to address challenges.”

When asked whether the company's operations and opportunities were substantial enough to warrant the benefits being sought from the government, Hon. Yamba responded affirmatively. He emphasized that if the government is committed to creating a large number of jobs, Sunbird Company has already made a significant contribution by generating 5,100 jobs single-handedly. 

Hon. Yamba, as the people's representative, personally witnessed the tangible impact of these job creation efforts and expressed confidence that with additional support from the government, the company could further contribute to the government's job creation plans and overall agenda of a more thriving economy.

“Sunbird Company alone has generated 5100 jobs, which I observe daily as a people's representative. Additional government support can help them contribute further to the government's job creation plans.”


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