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Hon. Veronica Sesay speaks on the prospects of becoming the Speaker in the Parliament of Sierra Leone

The Deputy Whip of the House of Parliament, the Honorable Veronica Kadie Sesay, has formally expressed her aspiration to assume the role of Speaker of the House of Parliament in the foreseeable future.

In an exclusive interview with our parliamentary correspondent, the Honorable Sesay discussed her qualifications for the position, emphasizing her extensive experience as a four-term member of the House and her familiarity with the duties and responsibilities of the Speaker.

The Honorable Sesay also commented on the potential for increased female leadership roles in Parliament, noting that Sierra Leone has a history of having had a female Speaker.

She emphasized that her interest in the position is not motivated by a desire to unseat the current Speaker but rather by a belief in the importance of serving at the right time and with the support of her colleagues and divine providence.


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