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IMC notifies Justice FM of impending cancelation of broadcast license

The Independent Media Commission (IMC), the statutory media regulator, has notified the management of Justice FM of its decision to revoke the station's broadcasting license for non-compliance with mandatory directives issued on 13 June 2023. The directives were issued as penalties for problematic live phone-in programs.

The directive from the IMC's Complaints Committee was to eliminate these phone-ins due to the unavailability of technology to screen utterances made by listeners before they are aired. Some of the remarks made, the release then said, had been found to be inflammatory, especially in light of the then approaching elections of 24th June.

In a press release dated 27 July 2023, the IMC cited violations of its directives and following warnings made on three occasions, saying this had necessitated a revocation of the station's license if it did not immediately suspend phone-ins during live programs.


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