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Kumba Zainab Brima wins Best Player and Golden Boot in Sierra Leone Women's Premier League

Kumba Zainab Brima, the Striker of Football Club Kallon, has achieved a momentous milestone by securing both the Golden Boot and Best Player awards for the 2023/2024 season of the Sierra Leone Women's Premier League. In recognition of her exceptional performance in the league, Brima was bestowed with a motivational prize of Fifteen Million Old.

Additionally, Mogbwemo Queens emerged as the triumphant champions, earning the Championship trophy.

Hannah Juana was duly recognized with the Best Goalkeeper award, while Kadiatu Musa Kamara received accolades as the player with the highest number of assists. Moreover, their Head Coach, Adama Pelé Suma, was proclaimed the outstanding Coach in the women's league.

Brima expressed profound gratitude, attributing her success to the transformative leadership of FC Kallon's Head Coach and Chief Executive Officer, Mohamed Kallon. Kallon's visionary approach has significantly elevated the standards of both the team and women's football in Sierra Leone.

Meanwhile, Madam Catherine Sillah, Chairperson of the Sierra Leone Women's Premier League Board, commended board members, officials, the Football Association (FA), teams, and other stakeholders for their unwavering dedication in ensuring a successful 2023/2024 Women's Premier League season. Sillah also acknowledged the contributions of her predecessor, Madam Asmaa James, for establishing a solid foundation that facilitated her effective leadership.


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