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Lamboi FC Secures Comfortable 3-1 Victory Over Luawa FC

In a decisive encounter, Lamboi Football Club achieved a remarkable triumph over Luawa Football Club, securing a commendable scoreline of 3-1.

Sulaiman Turay, a prominent member of the Lamboi FC squad, distinguished himself as the Man of the Match, exhibiting exceptional skills and contributing significantly to the victory.

Congratulations are extended to the entire Lamboi FC team and Sulaiman Turay for their outstanding teamwork and impressive performance.

This significant victory further solidifies Lamboi Football Club's position as a formidable contender in the league, as evidenced by their resounding success. The league is anticipated to conclude towards the end of May.

With eighteen teams vying for the coveted Leone Rock Premier League Trophy, the competition is expected to be highly competitive.

Moreover, the league champions will have the honor of representing Sierra Leone in the prestigious CAF TotalEnergies Champions League, while the FA Cup winners will set their sights on the CAF Confederation Cup.


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