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Lawyer Basita Michael questions MPs' sincerity in protecting public interests

Lawyer Basita Michael, a social critic and established legal practitioner, has questioned the sincerity of parliamentarians in protecting public interests in a publication on X. She was referencing the enactment of the Finance Act of 2024 by the House on Thursday evening, despite questions about its scrutiny and the impact of increased taxation.

In her publication, Michael questioned the rationale of imposing taxes on the importation of the country's staple food, rice, and other necessities such as gas. She said that the burden of taxation on a staple could lead to increased food insecurity.

She acknowledged the need for taxes to mobilize revenue and stimulate economic activity, but questioned the timing of the tax increase, following other taxation placed on services on the premise of revenue mobilization and the apparent unfairness of the tax burden on the poor.

According to her, the swift approval of the act creates the impression that parliamentarians have not done their due diligence or considered the plight of their constituents.

She called on the President to consider the plight of citizens before signing the bill into law.

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