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Harbour Police Arrest individuals with over 400 wraps of Kush

In a commendable display of law enforcement, the operation unit commander of the Harbour Division, Inspector Jalloh, under the supervision of CSP Emmanuel Kpulun, carried out targeted raids on Monday, 6th November 2023 in three key areas: Mambaridge, Moyeba, and Dan St. Lorry Park.

During the operation, two individuals, Desmond Mansaray was arrested with 14 suspected cannabis-filled sachets and 375 wraps believed to contain Kush and Abdulai Kamara on the other hand, was found in possession of 55 Kush wraps.

Additionally, on 4th November 2023, Abubakarr Koroma was arrested at Kennedy Street Market with 5 wraps of suspected Kush and 25 tablets of suspected Tramadol, whilst on 7th November 2023, Abubakarr Turay was also arrested at Peace Market Ferry Junction with 20 wraps of a substance suspected to be Kush.

The suspects, along with the seized contraband, were promptly handed over to the Investigation Branch at Ross Road. The diligent investigators are committed to ensuring a swift and thorough investigation of the cases.

These successful operations demonstrate the unwavering dedication of the Harbour Division's operation team in their fight against drug abuse and trafficking within the region. The leadership and expertise of Inspector Jalloh and team have proven instrumental in combating not only drug-related offenses but also overall crime prevention.

The Harbour Division continues to prioritize the safety and well-being of the community, working tirelessly to maintain law and order


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