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Madam Fatu Taqi entreats the government to employ the services of specialists to devise price control mechanisms 

During the first Weekly Press Conference for 2024 held by the Ministry of Information and Civic Education at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Conference Center in Tower Hill, Freetown, Madam Fatu Taqi, an educationist, expressed her concerns about inflation. 

She urged the government to hire specialists, particularly in the area of price control, to help them gain a better understanding of the prices of commodities at various local stores to avoid unnecessary inflation.

Madam Taqi recommended the government invest in state farming and hire long-sentenced prisoners to boost the agriculture sector. She also suggested that important events from the previous year should be commemorated to use them as civic education tools to teach children about what happened during the eleven-year rebel war and the two failed attempted coups.

Furthermore, she urged the government to complete the Lungi Bridge project and work on improving the energy sector, which has been deteriorating over the years. 

She concluded that citizens should respect the rule of law and hold the government accountable while governing its citizens.


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