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Mariama Jalloh, a Promising Young Tennis Player, Receives Support in Sierra Leone

Updated: Mar 27

The esteemed young tennis player, Mariama Jalloh, is well on her way to accomplishing her tennis aspirations due to the generous contributions provided by Support Sports in Sierra Leone, a charitable organization based in the United States.

Every Saturday, Jalloh diligently hones her tennis skills at the Hill Station tennis court under the guidance of Sierra Leone's finest coaches, including the country's top-ranked female tennis player, Mbalu Kargbo. This exceptional opportunity enables Jalloh to refine her techniques and enhance her overall game.

Jalloh exhibits an extraordinary level of dedication, skillfully balancing her academic pursuits as a Class Six pupil at Services Primary School in Freetown with her unwavering passion for tennis.

Her unwavering determination, coupled with the supportive environment she finds herself in, empowers Jalloh to dream big and aspire to become a future tennis star.


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