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Midfielder Kwame Quee Announces Departure from Old Edwardians Football Club

Sierra Leone international Kwame Quee has officially announced his departure from Old Edwardians Football Club after a brief but impactful stint with the National Premier League side.

A dynamic attacking midfielder, Quee joined the "May Park Boys" earlier this season, showcasing his talent and contributing to the team's success. However, the talented midfielder has decided to move on, leaving the specific reasons for his departure undisclosed.

In a formal statement released on his personal Facebook page, Quee expressed his deep gratitude to the club's management, coaching staff, teammates, and supporters for their unwavering support during his time at Old Edwardians.

His farewell message alluded to potential opportunities abroad, indicating Quee's desire to pursue new challenges and explore fresh horizons in his football career. This news has sparked speculation and anticipation among football enthusiasts, who eagerly await updates on his next move.

Given his exceptional talent, international experience, and proven track record, Quee is expected to attract significant interest from clubs both domestically and internationally. His departure from Old Edwardians has created a vacancy that will undoubtedly be difficult to fill, but it also presents an exciting opportunity for the club to reshape its roster and embark on a new chapter in its history.

All eyes will be on Kwame Quee as he navigates the next phase of his promising football career. His talent and determination have already made a lasting impression on the Sierra Leonean football landscape, and fans eagerly anticipate witnessing his continued growth and success in the years to come.


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