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Mighty Blackpool and Ports Authority Share Spoils in Leone Rock Premier League Clash

In the wake of the tragic demise of their highly esteemed Head Coach, Mr Lamin Bangura, Ports Authority Football Club made their courageous return to the Leone Rock Premier League in an emotionally charged fixture.

Despite the overwhelming adversity they faced, the team displayed remarkable resilience and fortitude, donning their iconic yellow and green attire with pride in a hard-fought draw against the formidable Mighty Blackpool.

Interim Manager, Mr Mohamed L. Bangura, commended the team's unwavering bravery and resolve, emphasizing their unyielding determination to secure a top-four finish in the league, thereby honoring the memory and legacy of their beloved coach.

As they embark on this journey, Ports Authority FC embodies the spirit of perseverance and solidarity, paying tribute to their esteemed coach's dedication and contributions to the club.


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