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Minister Salima Bah to tackle fair tariffs and better network from service operators

Minister Salima Bah has announced plans to address the issue of fair tariffs and network quality from service operators. With the Leone's value declining, many people in Sierra Leone are concerned about a sharp increase in phone costs, which would have a devastating impact on the country's economy and communication landscape.

Minister Bah is committed to improving the quality of service that consumers receive and has stated that she will work with service operators to achieve this. She is determined to prevent higher tariffs from being implemented and is actively seeking a middle ground with phone companies while also working with NATCA to push for concessions from the companies. Minister Bah has made it clear that she will not allow tariffs to increase unless a fair deal is reached.

This is an appropriate message that sends a clear signal that Minister Bah is a leader who is not afraid to take action. She is a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to many. She is not just a talker, but a doer. She is not waiting for solutions to come to her, but is out there forging them to suit Sierra Leone's challenging economic situation.

With a background in technology and law, Minister Bah is well-equipped to tackle this pressing issue. She could be proof in the not too distant future that when competent and principled women are put in leadership positions, great things can happen.


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